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Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha



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Sancho Beach Pool Report












Next Thursday (18), from 5 am to 8:30 am, the stairs and sand strip at Sancho beach will be closed to maintain the geological risk.

Access from the sea (through boat trips or snorkeling*) remains permitted. As well as access to the viewpoints.

*Use safety equipment, seek information about sea conditions and assess your limits.

Atalaia Swimming Pool Report














Attention! During the month of July, the Atalaia Swimming Pool will be suspended for swimming due to silting, which is when the sand, brought by the waves, covers the pool. The appointment will only be made to contemplate Praia do Atalaia, with a limit of 50 people per day. Learn more

Sueste Bay Report

Sueste beach has sea activities suspended, but it is possible to use the beach's sandy strip for walking and observing the sea and the Sueste mangrove. To learn more, click here

Porcos Bay:

From 01/11, the area to the left of Baía dos Porcos beach will be blocked, as per guidance from the Brazilian Geological Service and specialist geologists due to the high risk of incidents and accidents due to rockslides on the wall. Bathing remains open throughout the Bay, except in the natural pool on the plateau to the left. Access by land becomes continuous flow, with no time limit, respecting the tide window.

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Location: Tamar Project Auditorium (Boldró)

10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday - Guided Visit

05/20 - Monday

7:30pm Lecture: Oceanic Art.


05/21 - Tuesday

7:30pm Lecture: The conservation of sea turtles on the island of Fernando de Noronha.


05/22 - Wednesday

7:30pm Lecture: Noronha Sharks and Rays Project.


05/23 - Thursday

10am - Projeto Tamar Itinerant Exhibition - Come and Meet the Sea Turtles, at Praia do Porto.

7:30pm Lecture- Immerse yourself in the main actions carried out by the Dolphin Rotador Project in Noronha.


05/24 - Friday

7:30pm Lecture: Discover the main Legends of Noronha told by a native of the island.

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Palestras Tamar

Resident's Day: Check the schedule

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