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Fernando de Noronha - Visitante Imagem - Site Noronha


Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha

Information about vacancies and scheduling at the bottom of the page. Before purchasing your ticket or scheduling your visit to one of the Park's attractions, carefully read each of the following topics:

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Where and how to buy it?

PRESENTIAL: the purchase of the ticket to the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park can be made at the ticket office of the Visitor Center:

Visitor Center | Boldró Village, from 8 am to 7 pm


ONLINE: You can also purchase the ticket online and access the Park's areas with the QR code generated after the purchase.


The ticket will be valid for 10 (ten) days after the physical purchase (Decree of the Ministry of the Environment 1.075/2022) In the case of online purchases, when registering on the website, the day of your arrival will be requested to start counting the ticket validity period (ten days) from there.


If your flight changes its date, don't worry, it is possible to solve this at the ticket office or by contacting the email: [email protected]

How much does the ticket costs?

In accordance with ICMBIO ORDINANCE No. 3,492, OF OCTOBER 17, 2023

Tickets for the general public are R$358.00. Brazilians have a 50% discount, costing R$ 179.00. 

In both cases, the validity is 10 (ten) days.

Who is exempt?

Under 12 years of age and over 60 years of age - upon supporting documentation;

Regularized residents of Fernando de Noronha - upon presentation of the permanent/temporary resident card or proof of exemption from TPA for a period longer than 90 days;


1st-degree relatives of regularized residents of Fernando de Noronha - father/mother, father-in-law, son/daughter, stepchild, and spouse, upon supporting documentation;


Authorized service personnel - public agency employee, private institution or owned by a resident, who has obtained TPA immigration tax exemption, granted by the responsible State District Agency (ATDEFN).


Researchers with SISBio license.

Access the following link for more details regarding the required documentation for each category and the specifics of the authorized service.

Information according to ICMBIO ORDINANCE No. 3,492, OF OCTOBER 17, 2023

Which areas can I access with the ticket?

The Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park represents 70% of the archipelago. To access the attractions located within this area, it is necessary to purchase a ticket.


The map below shows the division between APA and Parnamar, marked by the red line.

It means you need to buy the ticket to access:

Sueste Bay


São Joaquim of Sueste Fort


Ponta das Caracas


Leão Beach


Caieira Beach


Dolphin Bay


Sancho Beach


Porcos Bay

Capim Açu trail*




Atalaia Beach*


Pontinha Caieira trail*


Morro São José*

Scuba diving spots


*Attractions that need prior booking.


What is attraction scheduling?

The attractions marked with an asterisk* in the previous lists are trails that include natural pools. For you to have the opportunity to visit them, it is necessary to make a prior appointment according to the vacancies each day. The support capacity study predetermined the maximum number of vacancies, and the availability of these vacancies varies according to the low tide window, which lasts, on average, 4 hours a day.

[learn how to consult a tide table].


The procedure for booking vacancies was instituted based on the need to protect these sensitive environments. Formed during low tide periods, natural pools function as nurseries in which marine life thrives. With a wide variety of fish, algae, and corals, they are usually ideal places to contemplate the local biodiversity.


In addition to supervising the number of people who access these natural pools daily, ICMBio limits most natural pools to mandatory floatation (using life jacket, mask, and snorkel) and demands the hiring of guides certified by ICMBio to visit some trails.

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How does booking work?

STEP 1 | Have your ticket (ticket number) on hand. It is not possible to make an appointment without a ticket.


Ticket validation can be done in the virtual trail scheduling space (temporarily available only for tickets purchased online) or in person, at the Visitor Center ticket office or at one of the PICs (Information and Control Points). Tickets purchased in person are already validated.


STEP 2 | With your ticket in hand, access the trail booking platform or go to the Visitor Center, in Boldró, from 8am to 7pm.

Temporarily, booking trails for those who purchased tickets in person can only be done at the Visitor Center, from 8am to 7pm.

Do you want to schedule for third parties? Just have their ticket number on hand (for virtual scheduling) or their physical ticket/ticket photo (for in-person scheduling).

STEP 3 | If you want to receive information about the trails in person, go to the Visitor Center, in Boldró, open from 8am to 7pm, every day. There you will find support from our team.

Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha

Pay attention to the rules written on the back of the booking voucher. It is important to respect the scheduled time! We advise you to arrive about 20 minutes in advance.

Which attractions require prior bookings?

The following attractions only can be visited with a prior booking:


Capim Açu - Abreu - Atalaia - Pontinha Caieira - Atalaia Pontinha Caieira - Morro São José.

What attractions require hiring a guide?

The following attractions only can be visited with a prior booking and hiring a guide certified by ICMBio:

Capim Açu - Pontinha Caieira - Atalaia Pontinha Caieira - Morro São José (swimming).


The system will ask if you already have a certified guide during scheduling. If you don't have it, don't worry, check the 'no' option and proceed with the scheduling. This question reminds you that you will not be allowed to go to the trail if a certified guide does not accompany you.


ATTENTION: When hiring the service of a visitor guide to work in the area of the national park, check if he/she has certification by ICMBio. Access the list of certified guides and do not support pirate work.

Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha

Pay attention to the rules written on the back of the booking voucher. It is important to respect the scheduled time! We advise you to arrive about 20 minutes in advance.

What about the attractions of the Environmental Protection Area?

You can find other attractions in the APA area in Fernando de Noronha. These are freely accessible beaches that you have the opportunity to discover during your trip through the archipelago.

It is not necessary to buy a ticket to access:

Cacimba do Padre


Bode Beach


Americano Beach


Boldró Beach

Conceição Beach


Meio Beach

Cachorro Beach

Port of Santo Antônio Beach

Always observe the area's signage and inform yourself about the sea conditions before entering the water.

Check the table with instant availability of trails

No mapa abaixo você vê a divisão entre a APA e o Parnamar, marcada pela linha vermelha.

Fernando de Noronha - Mapa Arquipélago - Site Noronha

Updated Operational Visitation Protocol

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